Add a Touch of French Country Home Decor to Your Office

If you are a business professional, you must know how the environment your employees work in affects their productivity. Offer them a temporary escape – turn your office break room into a Parisian café with a touch of French country home decor – and watch the changes! Your employees are sure to get relaxed on their scheduled breaks and return to work refreshed and ready to perform. Changing the interior design to something as tasteful as French country home decor will turn to be beneficial in many ways – not only will it motivate your employees, but also help wow your potential clients.

Show Care for Your Employees

A splash of paint, a whimsical tablecloth, a Van Gogh print, and a few French country home decor knickknacks will turn your lifeless break room into a refreshing place for your employees. They will communicate with each other, talk about their days, brainstorm ideas about key clients and come back to work with fervor and desire to excel. They may initiate contests or competitions trying to outperform one another.

A few simple additions and changes to their environment will also give them a sense of security and community. By spending some company money and time for your employees’ happiness you get more of their loyalty to you and the company. Employees tend to work better for a company with feelings, a company that cares about them.

Wowing Your Clientele

Some details of French country home decor added with a sense of good taste will maximize the comfort of your space. You can also add a high quality cappuccino machine to increase that benefit. Imagine you are going to a business meeting, the salesman you meet with leads you down a corridor to a cold, white, sterile room – not very soothing. Now imagine being led through a flower printed colorful curtain into a room quaintly accented with all the right pieces of French country home decor, sunflower prints on the walls and a handcrafted vase with a bouquet at the center of the table. As soon as you come to rest on your handmade wicker chair, you are offered a frothy cup of cappuccino and a selection of pastry. Your potential clients will surely be delighted with such a treatment.

French Country Home Decor Is Easy to Achieve

Theme decorating is the latest craze these days, so it is really not so hard to find what you want for your French country home decor. In fact, only one visit to a shopping mall could net you all the French country home decor you need to make your fantastic transformation.

You could pick up a few chairs matching your French country home decor in the furniture store; perhaps, a hand painted wooden cart for your cappuccino machine is another detail you could add. A stop at the department store will land you your vase, sugar and creamer bowls, a tablecloth and some matching towels and clock. And don’t forget to add some art to your French country home decor – pick up a few Impressionist reprints in an art store, and be sure to employ your imagination!

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Choosing a Painting and Decorating Company

Just thinking can be exhausting when deciding to renovate your home or place of business. A busy schedule doesn’t leave time for you to do it yourself. You need a professional painting and decorating company to do the work for you. Which one should you choose?

Reputable painting companies will be well-qualified and experienced. They will be able to provide you with references for you to judge their work for yourself. Each company should have a set of standards, including safety procedures, which their employees follow. Feel free to ask the contractors what their employee policies are regarding working in a home or business. Ask what sort of clean up they provide after they have painted or decorated. You want to be aware of all typical procedures so you are not surprised during or after the process.

It is just as important to find out what kind of supplies they offer to their clients. For example, if you want to remain green or environmentally friendly, you want to make sure the contractor offers environmentally-friendly products before you hire them. If you aren’t sure what colours to use in your decorating or paint scheme, be sure to ask for their expert advice. A reputable company will be up-to-date on the latest painting and decorating trends, offering you patterns and colours that you may not have been aware of before. You may be surprised to find out that each space in your home or office may be suitable to only certain kinds of colors or textures, based on what you use the space for. The best companies can advise you on this as well.

In addition to being up-to-date on interior trends, the teams will use the latest technology and equipment to create the best possible outcome for their clients. If a company spends money to use superior equipment, you can be sure they take pride in their work and will not leave a job before it is finished or exactly the way you want it. These companies realize that you will be the best advertisement for them because you will more than likely spread the word about their quality workmanship. The work they have done in your home or business will speak for itself, too. The top painting and decorating companies will be happy to show you their work if you ever need to see a working example of it, possibly referring you to past customers who would be more than happy to share their experiences with you.

It is important to remember that a company which paints and decorates for you will be the one that you will likely use again in the future, if all ends well. Choose the company wisely!

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A Revolutionary Way to Shop on the Best Home Decor Websites

Over many years, the shopping experience has been revolutionized. Prior to the internet, an individual interested in home furnishings had three options. First, decorum could be purchased by visiting a local brick and mortar business, second, products could be purchased by traveling to a different city, state, or even country, and third, home furnishings could be bought through mail order, which was extremely expensive because of shipping costs. Thanks to the internet, an individual now has a fourth option for finding reputable home décor sites.

Even with this change a person still has two main options. The first involves going directly to various home decorating websites and the second using an online guide that features different home décor sites. Keep in mind that there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to both options and as outlined below, it becomes clear the distinct nature of home decorating websites versus online guides.

Pros and Cons of Home Decorating Sites

By shopping home furnishing stores directly, an individual would have access to a multitude of online businesses. The greatest advantage of this is having the opportunity to visit tens of thousands of websites that sell similar or same products. While this might sound exciting, it actually creates a big problem. Few people have the luxury of leisure time for this type of activity. To look at every possible website would be impossible but even visiting hundreds of sites would require a significant investment of time.

Another advantage of going directly to home décor websites is having the ability to visit a particular designer. For instance, a person could visit sites for Michael Dreeben, Pinch, Liliana Ovalle, or Garvan de Bruir, among others simply by visiting the respective website. The downside to this is the limitations. In other words, if someone had the desire to purchase furniture by a specific designer but the preferred item were unavailable, that individual would probably go without or be required to wait until the product could be found elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of Using an Online Shopping Guide

There are also many advantages and only a few disadvantages to using an online shopping guide. The greatest benefit is having immediate access to some of the most respected companies in existence. In addition to information, a shopping guide offers a link that makes it possible to reach home decorating sites with ease. While not necessarily a downfall, the only slight negative aspect of using a guide is that not all great furnishing sites can be listed.

Another benefit to using an online guide is the overall shopping experience itself. As mentioned, the biggest issue when shopping decorating sites directly is that prior to finding the sites, an individual would need to conduct research. For instance, if someone wanted to locate different companies that sell a particular type of product or items made by a specific designer, a search on Google or some other search engine would be required. With an online shopping guide, furnishing websites are broken down into convenient categories, which ultimately saves a tremendous amount of time and effort.

One final advantage in using an online guide for home decorating companies is the selection. The furnishing and décor websites listed are not only known for having a wide selection of high quality merchandise but most offer special promotions in the form of reduced pricing. As a result, an individual can narrow down a search much easier, find the exact type of product or even designer wanted, and save money at the same time.

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Home Decor Parties – A Great Home Business

If you’re looking for a business that

o you can start and run from home

o requires a minimum start-up cost and

o provides you the opportunity to work your own hours

o has the potential for you to earn as much as you want

check into becoming a consultant for a Home Decor company.

How A Home Party Business Works:

As a consultant with a home decor company, you start by purchasing a sales kit that has everything you need to hold your first party, or first several parties. You will also receive training from another consultant or manager in the company – usually the person who sponsored you.

The basic idea behind this type of business – known as direct sales, or direct selling, is that you recruit people who are willing to hold a home decor party in their home and invite guests – neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members.

During the party, you pass out a catalog and show the products that are in your sales kit, and take orders. You might also do a few simple product demonstrations – for example, show how to combine silk flowers with candlestick holders, or show how well different items in the catalog can be combined to create customized decor.

You also invite other guests to schedule a party in their homes at a later date, offering incentives such as free or reduced merchandise or “hostess-only” gifts that they can earn by holding a party.

Why Home Party Businesses are So Successful

These types of home shopping parties are very popular, especially for newly married, 30-something women, who are looking for ways of making their homes more attractive and welcoming, but have little time to shop or learn more than basic skills in home decorating. Plus, everyone loves going to a party, where you can relax, get together with friends and have a good time.

Home Party Companies

Two well-known home decor companies are “Home Interiors” and “Southern Living Home Party.” According to their Website, Home Interiors has over 100,000 Decorating Consultants, and is the largest direct seller of home accessories in North America.

Southern Living Home Party offers individualized WebPages to each of their consultants and royalties (an additional commission) for every consultant who signs up as a result of your recommendation.

To find more home party companies, search on the Internet for “home décor parties” “direct selling opportunities” or “home décor party plan business.”

Is a Home Party Decor Business Right for You?

Even people who say they don’t like selling often do very well with this type of business, especially if they choose a company with a solid reputation, a good training program and quality merchandise.

According to Helen Huppert, a director with Southern Living At Home, she started her business as a way to get out of the house once a week but soon realized she could contribute to her family’s monthly income. One of the things she likes best about running her own home party consulting business is that she knows she’s not alone, that she’s part of a team who is committed to her success.

It’s important that you take a realistic look at your personal attitudes and likes and dislikes. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to get up in front of people and talk, or if you think you won’t be willing to put in the time it takes to make phone calls and get parties lined up, this might not be the best business for you.

On the other hand, if the issue is simply that you’re not sure of yourself, or you are shy, this might be exactly the type of business you need to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem. By letting your sponsor or trainer know about your misgivings, and letting her know what training you might benefit from the most, you’ll increase your chances of success.

What to Watch Out For

Before choosing which home décor party company you want to work with, do some Background research on the company first. Ask your sponsor questions, and if possible, get the contact information of other home décor consultants as well and talk to them as well. Check with your local better business bureau, state attorney general’s office and local Chamber of Commerce.

As with any home-based business opportunity, owning your own home décor consulting business, you need to investigate the offer and the company seriously, and make an informed decision. But once you make the commitment, dive in with both feet and prepare yourself to have a wonderful time meeting new people, earning additional income and maybe even winning some great prizes. Before long, you’ll find that you’ve mastered new skills, and will be well on your way to being a successful business owner doing something you love.

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Pros and Cons of Home Decoration

Today, buying home decoration and other home improvement tools are very convenient and simple. You can buy these affordable and stylish accessories from online or you can get them through conventional shopping. Currently, many people still prefer decorating their home. However, looking at the wide range of choices and options of have a discounted make over and home renovation you can get services of any reputed company. At the moment there is huge competition in home decoration companies. There were many misconceptions that services of a tiling company will cost you a fortune. Now, you can easily get their services in affordable and budget friendly rates.

Living in a peaceful and beautiful home is a desire and people want to fulfill this desire through manners. Many enthusiasts try to do it by themselves. This is not advisable for everyone. If you are not trained or know about the color combination and other things you may ruin entire feel of comfort of your home. It is best to know all the basics of interior designing before you start doing it. Initially, you must ask yourself can you do it? If you are eager to decorate the home all by yourself including painting and other basic things, get ample information about it.

Generally, consumers consider having a new color just by looking at magazines or some friend’s anniversary party. If some color combination or decoration style looks wonderful on their house. It does not mean it will look and feel same on your home. It is best to take a lot of thinking before indulging in any decision.

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